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Gift certificates

"We carry inside of us the wonders we seek outside us."

All packages can be made into gift certificates

Orchid sessions

For people with a Vulva; Self Care Package 3 hours


Certain people are the hub of their families: coordinating, loving, responding, listening and offering care & service to their loved ones. This is a sacred ritual of rejuvenation that puts you at the centre, getting at every inch of you for a deeper surrender, comfort, alignment and relief. Session plan can be adapted to personal needs.




  • 20 minute guided check in to unburden your heart

  • 20 minute Yoni steam with Lavender, Calendula & Chamomile

  • 2.20 Hour fully body massage including Mouth, Breast, Abdomen & Vulva massage for health + relaxation

Gift certificate for Mary
with love from Andrew and Amy
Happy Birthday!

Level Up! 

Nourish 3 Sessions of 2 hours for couples; 6 hours


In the whirlwind of life, it is very common for people to arrive at a place in relationship to one another, and they aren’t always very clear how they got there.


Often, couples set real time aside for their bond when it is in crisis. The Level Up! Program is a beautiful way to check in, explore and integrate new aspects and understandings into your love life before that happens. It takes the standard from surviving to thriving and choosing depth and awareness as a way of life.


  • Identify key misunderstandings

  • Target unmet needs & discovering new paths to mutual nourishment

  • Becoming allies in our deepest wounds

  • Finding Pathways to meet one another through individual inner shifts  

  • Updating & Communicating desires



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Ashley is an excellent facilitator and I refer her regularly to people that are looking for an expert. I have always been impressed by her ability to quickly identify key issues, ask great questions and provide clear guidance.

She brings empathy, compassion and curiosity to all sessions with my partner and I, while also speaking directly to our issues. I recommend her work without hesitation.

- Nick

Not Retired!

Program for Elders in Relationship; 3 Sessions of 2 hours for couples; 6 hours


At times, the standards for sexuality and relatedness as we age in this culture are very low. If you are someone who wants to live fully alive, connected, who wants to  increase intimacy, personal exploration & fulfilment then this program is the ticket! Perhaps our bodies and priorities have shifted and we can learn what is enriching for us now. Rather than relating with our preconceived notions we can work adaptively to see what your authentic eroticism means to you as you naturally are.


  • Figuring out sexual needs and desires

  • Creating a new vision of the Erotic in your life

  • Identifying key barriers to fulfilment and how to work with them joyously

  • Claiming & Honouring the sexual self in a less than supportive culture

  • Self Care & knowing your body’s needs

  • Ditching preconceived notions of what sexuality is at any age



Men's Program

For people with a Penis; 3 Sessions of 2 hours; 6 hours


This program is to help men better understand their sexual natures and really have a space to examine what has created their sexual drives or lack of drive, go-to’s in terms of arousal and also deeper needs when interacting sexually.


For many cultural and social reasons the assumption can be that men’s drive for sex is constant, easy to fulfill and at times, shallow.


This can lead ironically to many men being less than connected to what truly nourishes them on all levels through their sexualities.


This package includes a combination of talk, somatic exercises, personal exploration & intimacy coaching.


Some core questions we will explore together:


  • What do you really want with the sexual connection with yourself and others?

  • Are there drives you have you’d like not to and others that you wish were possible but you don’t know how to get there?

  • Do you find your sexual habits are important to you but causing stress in other aspects of your life and relationships?

  • What are some of your Core Erotic Themes?

  • How do you expand your connection to yourself and your pleasure?

  • How do you get to know your Erotic Identity?

  • How to identify what turns you on and communicate what you need from others to be in optimal communion

I Look forward to working with you!



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