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Genital and pelvic work for all genders

Receiving Internal Pelvic work can be for many reasons: to address health concerns or for the promotion of well-being, for personal knowledge and empowerment, for sensation or pleasure mapping, and to transform trauma.  At times, these reasons overlap or combine. 


Often, people are not ready to receive internal work right away. It is something some work towards through other processes with me. For others, being able to have neutral touch that is only in service to them in areas that normally are ignored or sexualised is a relief. 


Please reach out if you have any questions in contemplating internal work. 

My rate: 130$/hr, Sessions 2-4 hours in duration 

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"If anything is sacred,
the human body is sacred."
Walt Whitman


Here are some reasons folks come to see me for this unique offering: 

  • Optimal Health 

  • Vulvodynia

  • General Pelvic Pain

  • Rectal Pain

  • Incontinence

  • Anorgasmia

  • Vaginismus

  • Scar work (including circumcision, birth or surgical traumas)

  • Abdominal Massage & Deep Front Line Release

  • Vaginal Steaming (the use of steam and herbs for vaginal care, emotional wellness or to address vaginal issues) 

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Healing from Sexual Abuse 

  • Masturbation Witnessing & Coaching 

  • Erectile Inconsistencies or Ejaculatory timing 

  • Pleasure and Genital Mapping 

  • Prostate Health

Pelvic Sessions can be for: 


*thriving health & vitality

*Pleasure mapping + cultivation

*To eradicate pain

*For gender mapping: to explore the essence in your pelvis & genitals, renegotiate what you have been taught and potentially rename parts


Each of us have wildly different relationships with our genitals and we can see what conditioning is present & internalised beliefs.


There is a mythology in the body that holds all our stories, experiences and the existing culture of it, as well as poetry in how it communicates this back to us. Yet all can be re-explored and re-imagined.  New culture means new stories told, new rituals and eventually.....a new way of life. 


Here is a poem from the wonderful Sharon Olds describing her experience with her reproductive system: 


Ode to the Female Reproductive System


I first saw you in a simple line

drawing, black and white, on an unfolded

sheet of insertion instructions, the side

view of a girl—a passageway, at a

slant, up and back, to a blunt,

humble thing, like the outline

of a wading bird’s bowed head

made on a wall by a drooped hand

held in the beam of a flashlight in the dark.

Later I saw you in an illustration

in a magazine, in full, damsel

color, the middle sister between

the magenta genie of the rectum and the little

stork dancer of the urinary bladder

up on the fine, slender leg

of the ureter. All three of you

had a rosy enclosedness, but you

were the central grace. And when I saw you, in a textbook

of anatomy, full frontal, I saw

a feral unseeing creature, like a she-ram

with great fallopian horns. In some drawings,

the fimbrial fringe at the frayed end of the

tube was reaching out, with a beckoning

suction, toward the ovary, as if

sirening up an egg—and in others

the entire apparatus of you

looked like a ghost costume, the child in it

making the haunted Woooo, woooo.

But mostly it looked like an instrument, a

graceful lyre, which would be played in me

to call a being forth from another

world, from the future, bringing her own harp with her.


-Sharon Olds 

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