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Misty Slopes

Land Acknowledgement

My practice is on the unceded territories of the Squamish, Musqueam and Tseil Wauthuth nations. 

The healing of our bodies and sexualities can be drawn in direct parallel to the healing of our lands and social histories.  Both sexuality and colonisation carry the dynamic tension between sharing expression of identity and culture with others and the brutality possible when it is not safe. The violence incurred when others wish to change, dominate, use or profit from our sovereignty. 


Many folks live with the impacts of colonisation both in many government systems and institutions and due to this: also in their energy, emotions, and tissues as well as their emotional, physical and spiritual health.


I thank the nations above for stewarding this land ancestrally and for rehabilitating their families, culture and spirit with dignity, courage and strength against all odds. 

Becoming familiar!

A few things you can do to help heal our land, history and yourselves: 


  1. Educate yourself on the nations above that defined this region. (Or the region in which you live) Their traditions, contributions, beliefs, and what happened at First Contact. How the impacts of colonisation continue in present day 

  2. Know more about the trees, mountains, water systems, plants that grow here, animals that are populating or disappearing and why. Potentially learn how to use natural fibres or local plants and foods to make products for your household

  3. Notice what values, beliefs and traditions you hold. Try and stay curious and give room in your mind, in how you speak for other ways of being. See if there are any values or beliefs that are shared between you and the Indigenous nations you have learnt about. 

  4. Donate, Volunteer, and become involved with Indigenous businesses and events throughout your region.


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Empower Health Wellness Centre

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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ph: 604 336 2844

We are a team of multidisciplinary healthcare professionals here to provide you with best, customized and thorough integrated approach to health care. Our practitioners work together as a supportive team. We share patient charts, consult with each other and develop integrated programs for you and the community.You don’t need to compromise your long-term health just for symptomatic relief any longer. Natural alternatives can often provide rapid relief of acute conditions, just as you would get at a Walk-in Clinic, while also digging deeper into the root cause of the issue.

Explore our services including: somatic therapy, somatic experiencing, breathwork, naturopathic care, IV therapy, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, neurofeedback, ketamine and psychedelic assisted therapy, medical cannabis, prolotherapy, regenerative pain care, and more!

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