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Ashley is a Sexological Bodyworker & intimacy coach who specializes in internal pelvic care. 


Her somatic and therapeutic work is informed by Somatic Sex Education, Hakomi, Narrative Therapy, IFS,  The Beaudoin Method for Pelvic Care, Relational Life Therapy for couples and transpersonal psychology inspired by the text “A Course In Miracles”.


Ashley is passionate about people being free to understand and feel their authentic eroticism beyond all the layers life can impose upon individuals. 


Ashley's recent background was in harm-reduction social work involving family reunification & support.


She works with all genders, in an anti-oppression framework, with support for a variety of sexual perspectives, backgrounds and degrees of experience.


Sessions vary greatly according to each person’s needs, desires, boundaries and readiness.

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~Embraced, unbound, embodied~

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My entire life I’ve been drawn to the fringes: where social stigma and personal/social progress intersect.


Any kind of healing can be a tender and potent process that exists between our greatest losses and what could be our greatest fulfilment. 


More than any, sexology is a field where healing means you have to let go of what you have known to become more fully who you are. 


Our personalities, life force & sexualities have been shaped by many elements in our lives that could lie unconscious indefinitely. It takes intentional effort to decondition what has moulded us and find our own shape, our own rhythm, our specific drives, our own way of communicating who we are. 


I view sexuality as the Golden Thread that weaves between all dimensions of our being and touches the full spectrum of our histories.


Knowing your Erotic Identity is a power source you can tap into at any time, one that allows you to go from someone created by external forces into the continual Creator of your life and self led by your inner truth. 


When we are held, when we are liberated and truly in our own skin, these 3 elements allow us to thrive. 


Do you know who you authentically are? 

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"We are not problems to fix, but mysteries to behold"
                                                                  Melisa Louise

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