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For Couples + Individuals 

Our sexuality is our life force energy. 


When we have joy coursing through our bodies, when we are aligned with ourselves & present in our bodies, we radiate. We have blood flow, lymph flow, our breath is not constricted, we are connected and vibrant, we are more relational, more open and less stressed, we know what we want and how to communicate it. This is true health. And it’s evident in someone, immediately. 


Working on our erotic life is sometimes a healing journey, sometimes about finding out who you are, and sometimes a path to go far beyond the love and fulfilment you ever thought possible in life. 


What is common to erotic exploration is that is it unavoidably life enhancing, and has unparalleled depth in accessing all parts of us. 


Everyone values sex itself to different degrees. But we could all stand to enhance our lives and let’s face it: the world could use more people who have energy, ease and are lit up with love. 


Many folks that see me come in and feel broken, helpless or hopeless. Sexuality can be a territory with a lot of burden and expectations around it. What always ends up being true however is that how we are experiencing sexuality makes perfect sense to what we have lived to date, and it is always possible to have an erotic life that fuels and inspires us & everything we do.


For couples, it can be additionally complex from the inside of a partnership. You have your own “sexual ecology” we can call it, and they have theirs, then a third ecology is created in what is shared between you. These are often informed by unprocessed past pain, family dynamics, maladaptive relational patterns and how we each change over time-which can be overwhelming. Having external support & new paradigms of relating can be a life changer.

Rate: 130$/hr for individuals, 160$/hr for couples 

Ashley is the most helpful sex therapist I have worked with.I have worked with her individually and with my partner.

Every session she offers such valuable insight and feedback, it feels like we have done multiple sessions in one! She has helped me understand myself where I have felt lost and confused and continues to help me foster a deeper connection with myself.

She has been a huge part of my sexual healing journey and I can't recommend her enough!

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Here are some reasons folks come to see me for this unique offering:
  • Interpersonal & Intimacy Fears

  • Conflict Coaching

  • Compatibility Issues with a Partner

  • Pleasure Enhancement (personal or mutual) 

  • Learning how to be a better lover 

  • Exploration & understanding of your Core Erotic Inclinations

  • Fantasies & Turn-Ons

  • Self-Image restoration 

  • Sexual Shame & Inhibition

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Healing from Sexual Abuse 

  • Troubling Turn Ons & sexual patterns

  • Learning how to have mind blowing orgasms! 

  • Pornography addiction 

  • Religious Trauma 

  • Exploration of Sex and Spirituality 

  • Balancing your needs and others in your life 

  • A desire for a deeper connection to life 

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