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"What hurts you, blesses you.
Darkness is your candle."


Trauma Recovery, Embodiment and
Sensory Recalibration 

Somatics refers to working with the body to process content that is becoming overwhelming or you would like a new relationship to. 


There are parts of all our management systems that reveal where we are hurt or territories of experience we are attempting to avoid. These are the same places that tend to undermine our ultimate happiness and sense of connection in the world. 


By observing and working with patterns around our experiences we can identify where our adaptations are, create more safety and understanding and free up new parts of ourselves to express, connect and get our needs met.


We are meaning makers, and we perceive through our senses. As such, this work offers vital building blocks to re-negotiating perception & re-narrating our personal experiences through our bodies. 


  • Valuing Self

  • Setting boundaries

  • Communication

  • Personal Expression

  • Challenges with Intimacy

  • Consistent Overwhelm

  • Lack of personal fulfilment

  • To be witnessed and supported

  • To get a better range of personal tools

  • To transform addictive or negative patterns

  • If you experience paralysis of Choice

  • Difficulty Finding Community

  • Introjected Thoughts and Worry

  • Confusion about Life Path

  • Enhancing Joy

  • Expanding your sense of self

Rate: 130$/hr Sessions 1-3 hours in duration

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